The latest evolution in artifical lawns

A thing of the past…

Artificial, maintenance-free lawns have come a very long way from the days of Astroturf and the type of spiky, bright green plastic tufts seen on grocers stalls. Today’s synthetic grass products represent years of investment and technological advancements. No longer rough, scratchy and plastic; modern artificial grass has been intricately designed and manufactured to mimic real grass.


Whereas traditional synthetic grasses such as Astroturf, were known for being rough and painful if you fell over and skidded on them, modern synthetic lawns are soft and comfortable to walk and play on and what’s more, they won’t give you grass burns.


It used to be you could spot a fake pitch a mile off, but nowadays the only give away is how good it looks! Fresh and inviting in appearance a lot of effort has gone into creating not just the ideal texture, pile height and blade shape, but also to weave in a thatch that replicates the lower level of new grass shoots coming through combined with the older blades dying off. The use of multi-tones and various shades has been perfected to give a flawless, real appeal.


Advancements as to how artificial lawns are installed contribute to their durability, alongside far superior materials than were used 20 years ago. UV fade resistance is built in as standard alongside high quality, permeable latex backing meaning the grass is resistant to both chlorine and pet urine burns.


Due to the advancements listed above in quality, appearance and texture, alongside the learning curve in professional installation, artificial grasses can be used for a multitude of purposes and laid just about anywhere. Today’s synthetic lawns can also be laid on concrete, over decking, actually on the decks of boats and on terraces or balconies, some offices have even installed them indoors.

If your outside space is at a minimum artificial lawns can offer the perfect solution, for example, need somewhere to park the car during the week, but also a space for children to play at the weekend? Artificial grass is so impressively durable you can park your car on it and it will still look perfect. Simply park on the road when the kids need to run around and let off steam.

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An artificial lawn offers the perfect solution to a stress-free weekend. A flawless, beautiful lawn, soft underfoot yet remarkably durable, all without weeding, mowing, watering, feeding... in fact without any work whatsoever.

Wouldn’t you prefer to spend more time with your family enjoying your lawn and less time maintaining it? With an artificial lawn from Greenspace Grass that’s precisely what you get; more free time, less work, less effort and a better looking lawn whatever the weather. Ideal for children, perfect for pets and suitable for just about any outside space imaginable. Our maintenance free gardens can be successfully laid over any surface, including concrete, patios, driveways and decking, meaning that their versatility is second only to their style.

Looking for any more reasons to switch to an artificial lawn? There’s always the environmental credentials, stunning good looks and remarkable durability…

UV fade resistant as standard, your lawn will no longer be scorched by the sun, tarnished by pet urine, dug up by animals or turned into a muddy puddle by the rain. Children can play on it 24/7 without damaging it, without fear of grass strains and without getting covered in mud. 100% porous as soon as it’s stopped raining your lawn is ready for use again, ideal for use around swimming pools and hot tubs and always in perfect condition, if that wasn’t enough it’s also the perfect answer to grass allergies.

Really, with all these impressive credentials, the real decision is not whether to switch to an artificial lawn, but when!


The Benefits
  • More free time
  • No mess. No mud
  • Maintenance free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Versatile and durable