Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below a selection of our most frequently asked questions, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the answers. Should you have any questions of your own or would like to arrange a free design survey, kindly Contact Us and we will do our utmost to assist you.

    • Q: How often should I clean my artificial lawn?

    • The beauty of a maintenance-free lawn is that is really is maintenance-free. Other than a quick brush with a stiff broom occasionally, to remove any fallen dead leaves, there is no cleaning required and yet your lawn will remain healthy, clean and inviting for years.
    • Q: Do synthetic lawns get damp, smelly and mouldy?

    • Absolutely not. Installed correctly they are completely porous, meaning that water drains away easily as it would with standard turf.
    • Q: Is artificial grass safe for children?

    • Definitely. Synthetic lawns are just like normal grass except without the mess. There’s no mud, no grass stains and no grass burns. If you are thinking of using our artificial grass under a child’s play area, we can also install shock pads to cushion any hard landings. The only drawback for children is the lack of muddy puddles to splash in!
    • Q: How do I deal with pets fouling my artificial grass?

    • Simply pick it up and remove any animal mess as you would on a standard lawn. Unlike conventional grass you can also use a mild detergent to clean the area, which is particularly reassuring if you have child and animals playing outside together. Just be careful not to use any bleach as this will damage your lawn.
    • Q: What’s to stop weeds growing up through my maintenance-free lawn?

    • Due to the thorough nature of our professional installation methods, it is highly unlikely weeds will grow through your artificial lawn. We use a weed-killer, stone and stand base layers and a weed-proof membrane before we lay your actual lawn just to make extra sure your grass is level and weed-free.
    • Q: How long will my artificial lawn last?

    • Synthetic lawns of the quality of our Distinction and Premier ranges are very new to the market. Because of this there is no tried and tested answer to this question, however it is estimated they could last for up to 30 years.
    • Q: Is synthetic grass environmentally friendly?

    • Yes. Surprisingly enough artificial lawns are considerably better for the environment than standard grass. They require no electricity or diesel to mow, no water and no chemicals in the form of feeds or weed killers. Plus, because they are completely porous they still allow the soil beneath to breathe.
    • Q: Will an artificial lawn be scratchy and uncomfortable?

    • Not at all. Historically this has been the case with Astroturf and other early synthetics, but today the products have evolved to be as soft and comfortable underfoot as they look.
    • Q: How will a synthetic lawn save me money?

    • Once laid you will have no maintenance costs whatsoever. No maintenance means no electricity used to mow the lawn, no lawn feed or weed-killers to buy and if applicable, no gardeners fees to keep on top of the lawn.
    • Q: Can artificial grass be laid over decking?

    • Yes, naturally. Artificial grass can be laid over any flat surface.
    • Q: Will chlorine from my hot tub damage synthetic grass?

    • No. Artificial grass accompanies hot tubs and swimming pools beautifully as it is imperious to chlorine damage and not susceptible to getting muddy and waterlogged.
    • Q: How can a maintenance-free lawn save me time?

    • Because it really is maintenace-free. No more Saturday afternoons spent mowing the grass, no grass clippings to dispose of, no feeding, watering, weeding or scarifying. Just more time to spend enjoying your garden with friends and family.
    • Q: Is synthetic grass suitable to balconies?

    • Yes, completely. Artificial grass can be installed on any flat surface and always looks terrific.
    • Q: How long does it take to install artificial grass?

    • Depending on the weather, a 3 man team can professionally install an estimated 40 square metres of synthetic grass per day.
    • Q: Will my artificial lawn fade?

    • No it shouldn’t do. Our Distinction and Premier ranges are resistant to UV damage as standard.
    • Q: What about allergies?

    • For obvious reasons, synthetic grasses are ideal for people, children or animals that suffer with grass allergies.
    • Q: Can I take up artificial grass and lay real turf if I change my mind?

    • Yes of course. An artificial lawn causes no damage to the soil beneath so you can take it up any time you like.



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An artificial lawn offers the perfect solution to a stress-free weekend. A flawless, beautiful lawn, soft underfoot yet remarkably durable, all without weeding, mowing, watering, feeding... in fact without any work whatsoever.

Wouldn’t you prefer to spend more time with your family enjoying your lawn and less time maintaining it? With an artificial lawn from Greenspace Grass that’s precisely what you get; more free time, less work, less effort and a better looking lawn whatever the weather. Ideal for children, perfect for pets and suitable for just about any outside space imaginable. Our maintenance free gardens can be successfully laid over any surface, including concrete, patios, driveways and decking, meaning that their versatility is second only to their style.

Looking for any more reasons to switch to an artificial lawn? There’s always the environmental credentials, stunning good looks and remarkable durability…

UV fade resistant as standard, your lawn will no longer be scorched by the sun, tarnished by pet urine, dug up by animals or turned into a muddy puddle by the rain. Children can play on it 24/7 without damaging it, without fear of grass strains and without getting covered in mud. 100% porous as soon as it’s stopped raining your lawn is ready for use again, ideal for use around swimming pools and hot tubs and always in perfect condition, if that wasn’t enough it’s also the perfect answer to grass allergies.

Really, with all these impressive credentials, the real decision is not whether to switch to an artificial lawn, but when!


The Benefits
  • More free time
  • No mess. No mud
  • Maintenance free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Versatile and durable